Tres Birds completes two commercial design projects in Colorado

Over the years, Tres Birds has discovered that every client they work with has a certain DNA that makes them special. “Whether it’s a home, a museum, a park, an office or a showroom, we’ve been fortunate enough to work on unique and progressive types of projects says Michael M. Moore, director of Tres Birds. “We take each client and analyze their personality, translating their professional and personal culture into design and creating a three-dimensional opportunity for them to come forward in a way that is both exciting and subtle.”

Tres Birds recently worked with two very different companies – one focusing on happy mindscape, the other on immersive snowsports action. “Our plan is that when you walk through the door as a visitor, you get an immediate, positive feeling about the people and the place. And if you work there, the space is designed for your everyday comfort,” says Moore.

Shambhala Publications

Like so many businesses during the pandemic, Boulder’s Shambhala Publications noticed it could make do with less space since many of its employees were working remotely across the country. Shambhala – the leading independent publisher of Buddhism, mindfulness, wisdom traditions, health, yoga, and more. – decided to move to a smaller location in a circa 1900 Victorian house which could house its library of publications as well as meeting and office space.

Tres Birds had designed and built Shambhala’s first space in Boulder after moving from Boston in 2015, so they knew how their dedication to creating immersive books, audio and lessons aimed to improve lives. They believe, in the words of their first author, Tibetan Buddhist master Chögyam Trungpa, “enlightened society should be real and good, honest and genuine”.

Tres Birds disassembled and modified the custom built-ins from Shambhala’s previous location to fit their new space. Almost nothing has been reassembled exactly as it was before, but parts have been resized to create new, efficient integrated elements.

For the finishing touches, Tres Birds designed and built a new reception desk from Baltic birch plywood and, with the remaining material, added a bench to the main entrance. Behind the reception counter, the Shambhala emblem has been reinstalled on a wall which is actually a hidden door leading to a secret space under the stairs. The end result highlights the beauty of the reused materials and the contemplative space lends itself to literary, intellectual and quiet pursuits.

Burton Snowboards

The people of Burton Snowboards are world champions, innovators, and leaders in the sport, with a deep understanding of how people love the outdoors. So it was imperative that their new flagship store and showroom offer their customers an authoritative perspective while offering reminiscences of the rustic charm of a mountain lodge.

The existing building in Denver, a combination of three separate structures dating from 1904 to 1961, served many different uses, including a factory for the Strasser Candy Company and woodworking space for Denver Fine Cabinetry.

Tres Birds worked with its engineering team on this painstaking and complicated adaptive reuse project, resulting in an agile design, which preserved the facades and much of the existing structures. The loading dock has been wrapped in a glass enclosure, creating an indoor-outdoor patio. Custom 16-foot-wide sliding doors open the patio to the street. A second level and rooftop terrace were added to create additional square meters for conference space and city skyline views. The windows were replaced and dormer windows were introduced.

The existing timber structure on the north bay remains exposed and new steel supports have been introduced to support the loads from the roof decking above. The space has polished concrete floors and wall light fixtures installed by the Tres Birds team. Outside, a colorful mural has been created by Jessica Gilbert, and historic facade elements have been preserved, including cornice details and the original sign holder, which now houses the Burton Snowboards sign. .

About Tres Birds

Tres Birds is a full-service planning, architectural and general contracting firm based in Denver, Colorado. Founded in 2000, Tres Birds creates dynamic designs for a better world, building sustainable communities, respecting nature and driving innovation.

Photos courtesy of Tres Birds

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