Meet Mortarr: A Platform That Improves Business Design For All


After years of battling industry inefficiencies and scouring the internet for business design ideas, three people have teamed up to streamline how industry professionals and clients get inspired, s supply products, collaborate and develop their activities. The result of this is Mortar, an online resource that allows designers to find inspiration for projects, products, as well as connect and collaborate with commercial construction professionals.

Mortarr is an online source of inspiration from projects, products and professionals in the commercial construction and design industry. Image courtesy of Mortarr.

“What was done so well and so readily available on the residential side is now being applied to the commercial industry,” said Abby Murray, co-founder and CEO of Mortarr. “Over five million Google searches are performed each month for services and ideas in the commercial space. We bring those eyes to Mortarr, so they can finally find what they’re looking for on one platform: the photos that inspire and the products and services that bring those spaces to life.

NanaWall and specific BIM files from other manufacturers are easily accessible through Mortarr’s product label functionality. Image courtesy of Mortarr.

Mortarr features visually appealing finished project and installation photos, allowing users to explore and find inspiration, and connect with industry professionals around the world. Mortarr’s Inspiration Stream allows users to follow favorite companies and manufacturers, save images to Mortarr’s digital pinup boards called Design Rooms, order samples through Material Bank, and upload files Manufacturer-specific BIM via BIMobject.

Mortarr’s product and pro labels deliver the information behind the inspiration right in the image. These tags are direct links to additional information about design experts and featured brands, in addition to serving as a direct line of communication. Image courtesy of Mortarr.

“Our partnership allows us to bring a redesigned customer experience to designers on the Mortarr platform,” says Adam Sandow, CEO and founder of SANDOW, who developed Equipment bankThe proprietary platform to streamline and speed up the process of finding and sampling materials. “By combining our complementary services, we can support individuals throughout their design journey. We continue to seek partners who support the design process and provide innovative solutions that bridge the gap between concept and reality.

Easily search for business project ideas, products and collaborators in Mortarr’s inspiration stream of over 30,000 images. Image courtesy of Mortarr.

Mortarr’s inspiration stream, which contains more than 30,000 images of architectural, design, construction and engineering brands and companies across the country, can be filtered in a number of ways to ensure designers find what they need. With a free personal profile, users can search by industry, business type, or specific product to find information with Pro Tags. In addition, Design Rooms allow connection between professionals and brands, and collaboration with colleagues and clients.

Subscriber Claridge Products showcases its full line of innovative writing surfaces on Mortarr, including its Claridge glass dry-erase whiteboards. Image courtesy of Mortarr.

For all parties involved in commercial projects, Mortarr comes full circle from concept to completion. One example, Claridge Products, uses Mortarr’s presentation and labeling capabilities to highlight new and flagship offerings and ensure customers have direct access to samples and specifications. “We’re showcasing our innovative and new writing surfaces in glass and porcelain on Mortarr,” says Gregg Steliga, vice president of sales for Claridge. “The companies and clients we work with can identify us in their digital project galleries and showrooms, which helps illustrate the versatility of our products. Claridge really covers the entire spectrum of design and spec, from physical samples with Material Bank to inspiration via platforms like Mortarr. From physical to digital, we meet people where they are. This is one of the many benefits made available to the A&D community on the innovative platform, which will help forge new partnerships and, ultimately, mind-blowing projects.

“We set out to streamline the way the industry operates and create access to better design for all,” says Murray. “The functionality of our site, enhanced through our various partnerships, allows us to do just that. Image courtesy of Mortarr.

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