Mayo to Present Potential Renovation Plans to City’s Business Design Review Committee | Local news

The Mayo Clinic health system in La Crosse is considering an expansion and renovation of its hospital, with the first development plans due to be reviewed this week.

According to the City of La Crosse website, the Commercial / Multi-Family Design Review Committee is expected to review plans Friday morning for development on the Mayo Campus, 800 West Ave.

The Tribune contacted Mayo on Tuesday morning and was told the hospital was “in the planning stages for a potential hospital bed tower replacement.”

According to Mayo’s commercial design standard application, the hospital plans to construct a six-story building plus a basement in addition to the Center for Advanced Medicine and Surgery (CAMS) building. The addition would be approximately 290,000 square feet and would include medical / surgical beds, intensive care beds, a newborn / mom unit, diagnostic imaging, procedural endoscopy units, a rooftop helistop and Moreover.

The proposed renovation would not expand services or add more beds, but is designed to “modernize the inpatient environment” with single rooms and closer proximity to CAMS operating rooms.

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Per Mayo’s request, construction is proposed to begin in March 2022. However, Mayo’s management has not finalized a decision on the potential expansion, a hospital representative said, and is requesting a review of. zoning and approval of the Town of La Crosse plan for the start. construction, if all internal approvals are obtained.

The request for zoning review and project plan approval, Mayo says, does not guarantee that the project will go ahead. However, if approved, “the modernized hospital building would be a significant addition to the La Crosse community and the Washburn neighborhood,” according to Dr. Paul Mueller, regional vice president, Mayo Clinic Health System Southwest Wisconsin. .

The project, adds Mueller, is “part of a larger revitalization plan for the La Crosse campus that will include updated facilities, more green space and greater connectivity with our neighbors.”

Mayo will publicly share the development plans for the project upon completion of the hospital’s internal review and approval process.

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