Low occupancy in commercial real estate has the potential to impact real estate lessors


NEW YORK, October 11, 2021 / PRNewswire / – BizVibe has added key challenges and trends for all real estate groups to their buyers and sellers platforms. Within the real estate category, BizVibe’s Real Estate Lessor Group consists of over 26,000 business profiles that now contain over 50 business data points, including a list of potential challenges that should have an impact on market players over the next few years.

One challenge that is highlighted is the low occupancy rate in commercial real estate. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the adoption of work from home policies by a large number of organizations around the world. As a result, a significant amount of commercial real estate was released or the area occupied was reduced, which had a negative impact on the cash flow of landlords. By identifying these challenges, BizVibe helps users analyze which vendors are right for their business, while allowing them to effectively monitor the risk of doing business.

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Key information provided to lessors of real estate

In addition to analyzing the expected impact of key challenges on real estate businesses, BizVibe Company Profiles contain a wealth of high quality information to help users discover, track, compare and evaluate suppliers or prospects. This information includes:

  • Relevance and influence of industry trends and challenges, segmented by region
  • Press releases and media coverage referring to key trends and challenges
  • Risk score of doing business, segmented by operational, financial, compliance and country risk
  • Main competitors of the company at global, regional and national levels
  • Names of key business decision makers, including job titles and social profiles
  • Company financial data such as annual turnover, profitability ratios and management efficiency

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Categories of real estate rental products and services

BizVibe’s platform provides access to over 10 million business profiles of buyers and suppliers. Companies in over 200 countries are categorized into more than 40,000 product and service categories, each providing detailed information tailored to the needs of sourcing and sales teams around the world. The Real Estate Lessor Group offers more than 26,000 business profiles categorized into multiple product and service categories, enabling clients to identify and connect with potential new business partners in various market segments.

Categories of products and services for landlords in the real estate industry include:

  • Commercial real estate investment
  • Apartment rental
  • Real estate technology
  • Property rental

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BizVibe for buyers and sellers

BizVibe is a modern B2B platform dedicated to connecting buyers and sellers around the world. Powered by the latest cutting edge solutions, BizVibe is designed to help businesses generate leads, prequalify suppliers, request proposals, and identify global companies. Evaluate companies side-by-side to compare key metrics and initiate productive partnerships.

Buyers use BizVibe to discover suppliers from over 5 million businesses using advanced search filters and comparison tools. Features for buyers include:

  • Preselect potential suppliers
  • Track and compare companies
  • Configure personalized news alerts
  • Quickly create and personalize RFIs

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Salespeople can take advantage of BizVibe’s smart business intelligence tools to discover, assess, and connect with leads in over 300 categories. Features for sellers include:

  • Identify and qualify prospects
  • Receive personalized lead recommendations
  • Analyze and evaluate potential buyers
  • Integrate CRMs for efficient data transfer

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BizVibe was conceptualized and built by a team based on Toronto, Bangalore, and London. We are a subsidiary of Infiniti Research and have dedicated units at all three sites. BizVibe helps buyers find the most relevant suppliers around the world and helps sellers target prospects who are in need of their products and / or services. For more information, please visit www.bizvibe.com and get started for free today.

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