Lease Administrator – Commercial Real Estate

Flagship Healthcare Properties is a fast-growing commercial real estate investment firm located in Charlotte, North Carolina, specializing in the development, acquisition, management and leasing of healthcare real estate properties, with a focus in the South- is from the United States. Flagship launched a private real estate investment trust in 2018 to consolidate and convert its former closed-end investment funds into a perpetual investment platform, with an estimated asset value of over $500 million.

The Lease Administrator is responsible for protecting FHP’s investment by overseeing and implementing policies and procedures regarding the leasing of FHP’s properties. This position is also responsible for maintaining a positive working relationship with FHP’s legal counsel and property management staff to ensure satisfaction with FHP’s services.

Lease management:
• Act as official liaison between FHP legal counsel and management in lease negotiations with tenants, including lease drafting and draft approval by all parties
• Coordinate routing and storage of lease drafts and signature copies within the organization
• Prepare lease documents internally using approved format, including but not limited to new leases, subleases, lease amendments, license agreements, start-up agreements, agreements of consent, notices of default and general correspondence
• Prepare lease summaries
• Portfolio document rental activity
• Review monthly rent lists and notify accounting of any discrepancies
• Prepare tenant estoppels and SNDAs
• Assist with acquisitions, divestitures, refinancing of properties and onboarding new third party management contracts
• Act as liaison between property management and third party lease administration (Quarem)
• Act as official liaison between property management and the various insurance companies
• Enter rental data in VTS
• Provide support to all departments as needed
• Play a key role in improving the lease administration process for FHP

Basic skills:
• Acts with integrity, honesty and compassion
• Actively participates in the recommendation, recruitment and retention of highly talented and motivated individuals
• Gives and receives praise, direct and candid feedback, provides coaching and tracks progress
• Anticipates and adopts change management principles in an ever-changing business environment
• Engages people in honest and rigorous dialogue to generate an exchange of ideas that considers diverse viewpoints
• Practices candor with tact and consideration for all
• Uses respectful language, reasonable tone of voice and appropriate body language
• Listens actively and attentively, then draws conclusions and formulates answers
• When there is a problem to solve, confront it. Don’t triangulate
Problem solving and decision making
• Recognizes issues, analyzes root causes and quickly shares information with stakeholders
• gather input from those who will be affected by a decision before making it; seeks crucial and key analysis on the front-end of decisions
• Demonstrates ability to execute decisions beyond analysis
• Collaborates by proactively sharing information and negotiating across all business disciplines
Special delivery
• Interfaces with customers in an entrepreneurial spirit with flexibility and willingness to solve problems
• Balance what is good for the customer with what is good for the business
• Develops and maintains relationships that show trust and respect

Minimum training and experience:
Bachelor’s degree or equivalent aptitude and intelligence results combined with a minimum of five years of significant work experience, a combination of education and experience that provides equivalent knowledge, skills and abilities. Experience in handling complex legal documents and financial data; paralegal, accounting or banking experience an asset. Experience in customer service and understanding of business affairs. Proficiency in Word and Excel.

To apply:
Send resume to [email protected]

Flagship Healthcare Properties is an equal opportunity employer.

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