Las Vegas commercial design firm predicts post-pandemic retail design trends

Las Vegas commercial design firm predicts post-pandemic retail design trends

LAS VEGAS, NV, United States, November 18, 2021 / –
Las Vegas commercial design firm predicts post-pandemic retail design trends

Heather Allen Design Group, one of the leading sources of contemporary retail design, hotel interiors, commercial design and visual merchandising in Las Vegas, posted a blog explaining what kinds of retail space trends are becoming popular in a post-pandemic world.

The pandemic has forced everyone to make changes, especially in the shopping world. Heather Allen Design Group spoke about some of the biggest retail design trends that emerged during the pandemic and predicted who would stick around long afterward.

“Many companies are regrouping and reworking their strategies right now, while others are starting to implement new ideas for shopping in a post-pandemic world. A variety of new types of design trends, especially with the holiday season approaching, have created a unique phase of business design. “- Heather Allen Design Group Representative

Key takeaways for companies trying to stay on the cutting edge of technology included these three trends:

1) Permanent one-way shopping

There is now a direction that customers must follow as they move around the store, which allows for proper movement in the space. Heather Allen Design Group explained that having one-way aisles can avoid traffic jams, ensure people stay in a physically remote area, and help people find products more easily.

2) Personal purchases by appointment

More and more retailers are starting to offer appointment shopping in order to avoid store overcrowding, help customers take their time, and allow employees to better help each customer. According to the design group, more and more companies are using personal assistants to browse stores with customers and search for products while customers wait in a safe and comfortable place.

3) Ultra-experiential spaces

Many customers have turned to digital shopping during the pandemic, so experts predict that retailers will need to move beyond experiential shopping for their physical stores to stand out. Many stores now offer unique and interactive physical spaces that will grab the attention of customers.

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