Land Rover brings back Defender Hard Top name with new commercial model

(Photo: Land Rover)

Land Rover relaunched the Hard Top name for its new defender, with the confirmation of a new range of business models.

The Defender Hard Top will be available in 90 and 110 short and long wheelbase derivatives when it goes on sale later this year, offering a cheaper, more utilitarian version of the all-new 4×4. Prices will start at £ 35,500 before VAT.

The Hard Top label first appeared on Land Rovers in 1950 when the company introduced a sturdy removable metal cover for the Series 1 exposed rear bed. The new model’s roof will be secured in place and will share the same contour. as the passenger versions of the car. .

However, unlike the passenger version, the Hard Top will focus on freight transport and practicality. Full details of capacities and cargo areas have yet to be confirmed, but commercial versions of the Land Rover will come standard with a two-seat arrangement. A third “jump seat” mounted between the front seats will be an option, as is the case on the passenger car.

The Defender Hard Top will be available in 90 and 110 wheelbase variants (Photo: Land Rover)

Michael van der Sande, Managing Director of Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations, said: “We will maximize the functionality and usability of the new Defender’s cargo space, with tough materials and smart storage solutions to ensure that it surpasses the capabilities of any previous Defender Hard Top. “

The 90 and 110 versions of the Defender Hard Top will feature independent coil spring suspension, while the 110 will be available with optional electronic air suspension. Towing capacity of up to 3,500 kg means the Defender will live up to most pickups and other utility vehicles on the market and Land Rover will equip it with the latest technology to make towing easier, including its Advanced system. Tow Assist and ClearSight technology that complements the rearview mirror with footage from a roof mounted camera.

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Land Rover claims that the Defender Hard Top will be the “ultimate commercial 4×4” thanks to its advanced four-wheel drive systems, impressive ground clearance, break and departure angles and unmatched wading capabilities.

While the Hard Top is designed to be a tough, hard-working vehicle, the new models will share many of the latest technologies included in the passenger car. The Pivo Pro multimedia and navigation system will offer an internet-connected touchscreen system, while there will also be a suite of driver assistance systems, including a 3D surround camera.

Nick Collins, Land Rover Vehicle Line Manager, said: “The new Defender 90 and 110 Hard Top will be the toughest, most efficient and most connected commercial SUVs we have ever produced. They have been designed to meet global safety standards and provide impressive long-haul comfort, giving businesses and professionals the best of all worlds. “

For the Defender Hard top, the focus will be on practicality (Photo: Land Rover)

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