Interior Design Tips: Commercial Design Trends That Will Change the Face of 2023

What 2022 has taught interior designers and businesses is that commercial space briefs had to change and how with the Covid-19 pandemic taking hold, one had to evolve and adapt. While different working models have been adopted by various companies such as working from home, hybrid working models, etc., companies also wanted their employees to return to their workspaces but needed to ensure their safety and well-being. -be.

With the year 2023 on the horizon, it will be a year where interior designers can experiment with new design patterns and push trends a step further. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Kunal Sharma, Founder and CEO of Flipspaces, revealed, “Regardless of the scale at which they operate, companies are implementing modern design techniques to bring an aesthetic look to their offices. Modern business designs are also in tune with the latest technology trends across industries to create a conducive working environment.

According to him, here are some of the top commercial office design trends to watch in 2023:

1. Sustainable designs – The Covid crisis has made the world aware of how nature has the power to turn the tide and dominate humans overnight. Companies around the world are becoming consciously eco-friendly by making efforts to save the environment. These efforts are also visible in commercial interior designs.

2. Open Layouts – Lately, open floor plans have become increasingly popular in commercial office designs. These open layouts eliminate physical barriers such as walls, cubicles, and cubicles between employees, allowing them to interact directly with each other. Organizations are opting for open layouts because they enhance creativity and collaboration. They prevent employees from working in confined spaces and facilitate smooth communication within and between departments. Another major reason why open layouts are likely to become more popular in 2023 is that they are very cost effective. Such commercial designs eliminate the cost of setting up walls and booths for employees within the office premises.

3. Stay close to nature with biophilic designs – As stated earlier, companies are taking a step towards becoming more environmentally friendly and aware of how natural resources are used. A significant result of this is the use of biophilic designs in offices. Many businesses have been using such designs for some time, and many more will likely follow suit in 2023. Biophilic designs allow you to include natural elements in your business designs, bringing you closer to mother nature. As soon as the potted plants are installed

4. Replacements for Traditional Desks and Chairs – Modern workspaces are no longer limited to traditional desks and chairs set up neatly. In 2023, we are likely to see more replacements for traditional desks and chairs, such as sofas, ottomans, rest areas, lounges, etc. Today, employees do not like to stay in one place while doing their job. Spending a few years working from the comfort of their homes has led them to seek out comfortable seating where they can let their creativity run free.

5. Dedicated cabins for more privacy – Now that employees are back to work on site and open floor plans are becoming more popular, there are situations where workers need privacy. Companies therefore install dedicated cabins or pods for their employees to work in peace, leaving all distractions outside. These booths can be used for attending Zoom meetings, working quietly on projects that require high concentration, or simply meditating and spending time with yourself during hectic work hours.

Lending his expertise to the same, Shrikant Pandey, Managing Director of Indiamanthan Publications, said, “Covid-19 has imposed flexible working conditions on almost everyone, and the consequences have been felt everywhere. Millennials today are more likely to be engaged and fulfilled in their work than previous generations. He insisted that the popularity of open layouts in business today may be due to:

1. Collaborative workspaces in hybrid workplaces – There was a time when jobs were firmly anchored in office buildings. With the hybrid work model, workers want more meaning and productivity from their office time. Hybrid models combine in-office and remote work. Professionals realized the benefits of remote work and knew it would have to stay in one form or another.

2. Energy efficiency: Making the office more sustainable – A growing number of employees expect companies to reduce their carbon footprint. Businesses can achieve this by choosing energy-efficient water coolers, vending machines and printers. Reducing greenhouse gases has a positive impact on our planet.

Several other strategies can be used by companies to have a lasting impact, including:

a) Furniture made from recycled materials

b) Recyclable materials

c) The use of LED lighting

d) Paperless policies

e) Reusable coffee cups and plates

3. A sense of comfort in nature – The number of plants you have can never be enough. Not only do they purify the air, they’re bright, boost your mood and productivity, and they’re much more attractive than plain white walls. An office with living biophilic walls combines art with nature, creating a pleasant and comforting atmosphere.

4. The key is to have options – The open concept design offers versatility and productivity. You shouldn’t limit your employees to their desks only via zoom booths, phone booths, open offices, neurodiverse spaces, comfortable sofa workspaces, etc. Currently, offices aren’t the only place people want to work, so variety is key. !

Here are some of the top commercial office design trends you should watch out for in 2023. 2023 will be the year when many experiments are likely to be done in the commercial design space to push boundaries and convey the essence of brands around the world. Make sure you’re equipped to embrace the new year by incorporating new office design trends into your workspace in the best possible way!

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