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Bamboo school is hardly what one would expect in this remote and impoverished outpost of rural China

Robarts Interiors & Architecture, a Beijing-based design firm known for creating high-quality corporate interiors, is using its forward-thinking and eco-friendly designs on two major school projects in China.

The first is the Robarts-designed Family Learning House, Jian Wai SOHO, which opened in the heart of Beijing’s central business district on October 20.

The Family Learning House is a virtues-based bilingual Montessori preschool for children aged 2 to 6. Each class is designed with the child in mind. The doors are only five feet high, reminding adults that they are entering a child’s world.

Karyn Robarts says, “Our dream is to provide a solid foundation for children who will grow up to know what it is like to be a noble human being capable of building a new civilization, rather than just another person arming themselves with it. tools to find their way. at the top of another competitive company. ”

Robarts will also be involved in the day-to-day management of the school. The directors of Robarts Interiors & Architecture, Adam and Karyn Robarts, have enrolled their youngest child in one of the classes.

The second project is the bamboo school designed by Robarts in Yunnan, on China’s border with Myanmar, which is expected to be completed in December 2007.

“The bamboo school is hardly what one would expect in this remote and impoverished outpost of rural China,” says Adam Robarts. “Despite the fact that bamboo is not yet recognized as an approved building material in China other than for decoration, we have used this native material to create a school where bamboo is used for decks and in bamboo screens. filigree, both interior and exterior, to create an uplifting, almost ethereal educational environment. ”

Robarts Interiors & Architecture has been working in China for over 11 years with a team of 50 accredited interior designers, architects, project managers, engineers and materials experts from over 6 countries. The young company has won design commissions, often against some of the world’s biggest and best-known players, including Gensler and HoK. The Robarts Interiors & Architecture projects designed this year include HSBC’s China headquarters (400,000 square feet), the new Nike building (60,000 square feet) and McKinsey (60,000 square feet) all in Shanghai, as well as Siemens ( 560,000 square feet) in Beijing.


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