Celina Hires Company To Create Multifamily And Commercial Design Standards | News

Celina seeks to create design standards for multifamily and commercial development.

Celina City Council on Tuesday approved a deal worth more than $ 50,000 that will allow the city to work with planning and design consultant Kimley Horn to create commercial and multi-family design standards.

The deal comes as Celina contemplates the next multi-family and commercial development, director of development services Dusty McAfee told board members.

“More than a dozen new multi-family projects are being revised or under construction over the past two years,” McAfee said. “Business development is also starting to emerge.

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McAfee said the city’s comprehensive plan requires staff to monitor development standards for improvement. In addition, the City’s 2022 budget includes appropriations for the review of design standards for multi-family and commercial projects.

The city has modern design standards that include landscaping, architecture, signage, parking and other elements typical of new developments, McAfee said.

“The proposed project ‘dives deep’ into commercial and multi-family projects to bolster and customize design standards for new developments to focus on amenities, open spaces and the creation of places. “

Under the proposed contract, the guidelines would only address multi-family and commercial development and would not include specific standards for mixed-use vertical products, townhouses, or small single-family lots. The guidelines would also be expected to reflect the current city neighborhood vision guidelines and strategic plan.

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The standards developed should address certain points, including open space requirements, filtering and buffering requirements, and identification of potential developments.

McAfee said Kimley Horn helped write the city’s Neighborhood Vision Book, which focused on new residential development and was approved in 2020.

McAfee said the proposed design standards would improve on existing standards governing new developments.

Celina City Council unanimously approved the deal.

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