CannRx Announces Business Model for Vapor Capture Technology (VCT), a revolutionary extraction technology designed specifically for the cannabis plant


NEW YORK and JERUSALEM, March 15, 2018 / PRNewswire / – CannRx Technology Inc. is proud to announce that its Vapor Capture Technology (VCT) is now commercial. The revolutionary CannRx extraction technology is uniquely designed to make the potential of the cannabis plant readily available and achieve maximum benefits in the cleanest, healthiest and most efficient way.

Watch a video on the VCT here.

VCT has many advantages, including:

  • High efficiency
  • Improved therapeutic and bio-relevant profiles
  • Complete extraction in one pass
  • Clean and efficient
  • Complete cannabinoid profile
  • Pre-activated cannabinoids
  • Fast turnaround time
  • All-in-one – combined extraction and activation of cannabinoids
  • Extract or powder completely soluble in water (with CannTrrap)

Downloading cannabinoids from the “Cloud”

VCT is the only extraction system designed specifically for the cannabis plant. It provides a highly bioavailable, pre-activated cannabis extract with a unique cannabinoid / terpene profile that cannot be replicated using any other extraction technology.

The VCT extracts the bioactive agents from cannabis by generating a plume of vapor or smoke cloud from the entire cannabis plant. The “cloud” is processed through a unique step-by-step resolubilization process that recaptures the full spectrum of bioactive molecules from activated cannabis. The extract can be formulated for inhalation (aerosol or intranasal), edibles, dermal and sublingual administration. The resulting material can be made into a fully water soluble powder or liquid or into an oil.

In vivo testing of VCT technology demonstrates rapid onset with prolonged therapeutic benefit over other extraction technologies in disease models.

Dr. Guillaume Levine, Executive Chairman of CannRX Technology said, “This patent-protected, high-yield cannabis extraction process provides higher quality pre-activated extracts and concentrates than anything on the market today. This is truly revolutionary cannabis technology and we are excited to be ready to commercialize the technology internationally.

How vapor capture technology works

The CannRx Cannabis Reactor works by vaporizing or burning a selected cannabis raw material first. The vaporization units use precise, digitally controlled heating elements to target specific evaporation points of the constituents of the cannabis plant. The implementation of vaporization or combustion units will result in different combinations of cannabinoids suitable for treating different medical conditions. Moreover, the combined extraction is an option using both vaporization and combustion units which will result in a differentiated aroma and flavor of the final product. This adds the ability to control specific cannabinoids and the selective optimization of various entourage combinations. The solubilization unit captures the vapor plume, dissolves it in a liquid and then stores it in the collection unit ready for downstream processing.

The VCT reproduces the same cannabinoid profile that would be obtained by smoking or vaping cannabis flowers. All other extraction systems alter the cannabinoid profile and then package it for vaping or other delivery systems such as edibles or oils. The final VCT product does not depend on additional heating steps. As such, it is more controlled, more potent, and allows for precision dosing for medical applications and a full entourage effect for recreational use.

About CannRx Technology Inc.
CannRx Technology Inc., the company that designed and manufactured the patent-pending VCT Reactor, also develops unique science-based and clinically tested products for the cannabis industry.

All products will be highly differentiated and effective, designed to treat serious medical conditions that can be treated with cannabis. The first product scheduled for release in 2018 targets sleep disorders.

The VCT reactor will be in full screen March 19-20 at CannaTech Israel. Come visit our stand!

For more information, specifications and costs, contact us [email protected] and to

CannRx Technology, Inc.
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