Brokerfied Launches Online Commercial Real Estate Listing Platform Focused on Smallholders and Investors

“Brokerfied is going to be a game-changer for landlords who have faced an uphill battle just to list their properties,” said the Brokerfied founder. Dan Bernier said. “This platform provides comprehensive support throughout the process, allowing small commercial real estate owners to efficiently manage communications, paperwork and logistics at low cost while expanding their reach to potential client-tenants or buyers. “

Brokerfied estimates that the 1.2 million vacant small properties across United States could generate revenues of three quarters of a billion dollars a year, presenting a considerable opportunity for market disruption. Billions of dollars in additional revenue could be made available to small landlords who currently don’t have the experience or the means to rent out their space or the marketing reach to find a buyer.

Brokerfied is subscription-based, with plans ranging from one to six months. Once all the necessary property information has been provided, Brokerfied creates a search engine optimized website with all the information available for owners to present their properties to potential clients. Other tools include a professional flyer for online and in-person marketing, signage with QR codes for owners to display on-site, Brokerfied email and phone number to protect private information, and the center of owner communication where all communication related to the property is consolidated. Relevant engagement stats, such as QR code scans, emails, and phone calls, are displayed on an easy-to-use property dashboard.

“We envision vacant storefronts in neglected communities coming back to life, driving vibrant activity that will revitalize neighborhoods and encourage investment,” Bernier said. “There are millions of properties across the country just waiting to be used, and Brokerfied provides owners with the tools to unlock their full potential.”

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About Brokerfied: Brokerfied is the only service that allows owners to list and market their properties directly to potential clients. Founded by a commercial real estate veteran Dan BernierBrokerfied is a low-cost subscription that provides everything a landlord needs to market their commercial real estate for sale or rental.


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