Bringing Fractional Commercial Real Estate Investing to Mobile and Desktop

User Experience is Key to Financial Engagement and Wealth Creation for Millennials and Gen Z

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., June 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Real Estate Wealth Management Technology Platform Elevate.Money (Elevate) today announced the launch of its iOS app on the Apple App Store, bringing its fractional real estate investing platform to both desktop and mobile.

The new app was designed by co-founder Alex Cruttenden, former product designer for popular investment app Acorns. The app’s design features a modern user experience, simple typography, dark mode, nibbleable infographics, and gamification. The result is an easy-to-use and sleek Venmo-like interface that aims to appeal to millennials and Gen Z, who are expected to overtake baby boomers and control the majority of America’s wealth by 2030.

“America’s younger generations deserve a lot of credit, they are focusing on investing at a much earlier age than their predecessors and rightly demanding access to the same opportunities that were once reserved for millionaires and institutional investors,” he said. said Cruttenden.

“Our customer data confirms this view, with an average age of 38 and a $400 average customer account size. Additionally, 30% of our platform users activate our auto-invest feature which allows them to gradually build their real estate portfolio over time,” continued Cruttenden. “These young investors have made their intentions clear, and it is our responsibility to create tools for success. with which they can identify. That’s why we created our platform – to democratize wealth creation through real estate, with investments starting at just $100.”

Platform design was a key part of Elevate.Money’s vision from the start. “There’s a clear connection between an engaging user experience and educating these new investors about the benefits of real estate ownership to help build long-term wealth,” Cruttenden said.

Elevate.Money offers the same type of real estate investment trust (REIT) investment as Blackstone, one of the largest real estate owners in the United States. The difference is that Elevate specifically targets the next generation of investors who have been conditioned to do virtually everything on a digital interface, including managing their money.

With the new iOS app, users will be able to register easily in four steps and track their investments on a daily basis. The app will feature an updated version of Elevate Lens+, the company’s proprietary financial model used to assess real estate investment candidates, as well as updates on educational content and property acquisition.

To download the iOS app, visit For more information about Elevate.Money, visit

About Elevate.Money
Elevate.Moneylaunched by the co-founders Harold Hofer, Alex Cruttenden and Sachin Jhangiani, is on a mission to make real estate investing accessible to more investors. In September 2021Elevate Money has launched its platform allowing users to buy shares of its private company Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) with as little as $100. Although dividends are not guaranteed and past distributions are not indicative of future distributions, October 2021, the company began paying monthly dividends equal to 6.5% annualized. Learn more about

Investing in common stock of Elevate.Money REIT I is speculative and involves significant risk. The “Risk Factors” section of the Offering Circular contains a detailed analysis of the risks that should be considered before investing. These risks include, but are not limited to, illiquidity, total loss of invested capital, limited operating history, conflicts of interest, blind pool risk and any public health emergency. STNL investments carry additional risks if the sole tenant defaults or goes bankrupt. Further, there can be no assurance that Elevate.Money REIT I will be able to achieve its investment objectives or access targeted investments such as those identified.

Distribution payments are not guaranteed and may be changed in the future at the discretion of the Elevate.Money REIT I Board of Directors. Distribution payments may be partially supported by fees waived by the Advisor and Provider of the REIT’s real estate services. Fees so waived will not be reimbursed by the REIT at a later date. Distribution payments will not consist of a return of shareholder principal or borrowings.

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