Breaking group leader Ndolwane abandons commercial music



CHARLES Ndebele, the South African frontman of a splinter group Ndolwane Super Sounds, said yesterday that he had given up commercial music due to piracy and now composed out of passion.


Speaking to NewsDay Life & Style, Ndebele said he had put aside plans to produce a DVD for his latest hit album Umhlola, released last year, saying he was convinced he would never reap not the fruits of his efforts.

“I don’t make music for money anymore, but it’s now a passion. I don’t even intend to make a DVD for the album, because it’s not even worth it, because the pirates will benefit more than us, the owners of the projects, ”he said. .

Ndebele has ruled out a possible reunion with Martin Sibanda after sharing the stage together.

“Yeah, we shared a scene with (Martin Sibanda) in South Africa and it wasn’t our first time. People should not be mistaken. There will be no reunion between us and that is a big no, ”he said.

“The fans were happy, especially those who saw him for the first time since we split up, but we grew up in different ways, music wise. I have three albums and a DVD and he ( Sibanda) has two albums ”.

Ndebele said that in addition to music he was doing another project through Limpopo, adding that one cannot survive by making music alone.

“As the father of a family, we cannot live solely on music, but must follow other paths. This is why people don’t always hear or see me more often at home, but whenever I am needed at some point, I always mobilize ”, he said. declared.

Ndebele lamented the lack of security at South African shows, saying most shows were targeted by thieves and hooligans.


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