BLACKPINK LISA has signed a business model for a large corporation. A rush of love calls


Lisa, a member of the BLACKPINK group, is gaining attention as she has been selected one after another as an advertising model for a global brand and a Chinese conglomerate.

According to her agency YG Entertainment on May 13, BLACKPINK’s Lisa signed a contract for a local Chinese advertising model for P&G Downey fabric softeners, a global everyday brand, to launch a full-fledged promotion.

It has also signed a new advertising model contract with one of China’s biggest dairy brands and is set to shoot.

In addition to the two companies, love appeals to Lisa are increasing in various industries in the Chinese market, YG Entertainment said.

Lisa’s infatuation with China is unusual. Lisa captivated the continent as a member of the world-class girl group Blackpink, which represents the Korean wave, and as a talented artist.

Her worldwide popularity, unsurpassed dance skills, bright and charming image, exotic features and fashion sense have become the talk of the city, making her a “star in the making” for Chinese youth.

In particular, Lisa was very well received for her appearance as a dance mentor in the audition program “Youth with You2”, which is broadcast on the famous Chinese platform iQIYI.

Shortly after the weekly “Youth with You2” show, Lisa’s name took the # 1 spot in Weibo’s realtime search keyword, proving Lisa’s buzz.

In fact, Lisa’s global influence is strong. She has an impressive number of followers on social networks such as Instagram and Weibo. The number of subscribers on SNS is known as one of the measures of popularity, credibility and influence.

Lisa’s Weibo account easily surpassed 5 million subscribers in no time, with Instagram followers surpassing 32 million. This is the largest number of Korean active artists and one percent of the world total.

Attention is also being drawn to whether Lisa’s decision will serve as a springboard for local stars to reopen the Chinese advertising market.

Previously, G-Dragon, a member of the Big Bang group, an artist from the same agency, had signed an advertising model contract with the mainland Chinese brand Chappi and fired a flare. It was the first time since 2016 that a famous mainland Chinese brand has publicly promoted a Korean wave star as a local advertising model. Lisa opened the door as a female K-pop artist.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK, which includes Lisa, has announced their participation in Lady Gaga’s new album, due out on May 29, sparking expectations for a comeback. BLACKPINK is also currently preparing their new album.

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