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Program Director Merlyn Van Regenmorter Hosts Industry Advice Podcast For Music Students

Guest sound engineer Stanley Soares hosted the Commercial Music program’s Inside the Music Industry Workshop podcast on February 11, 2021. (Photo via ARC Commercial Music Program)

Music teacher Merlyn Van Regenmorter, Director of the Commercial Music program, has been inviting music professionals to speak for students for over a decade, but in 2017 he officially presented his Inside the Music Industry workshop and lecture series. to offer his students advice and hands. -on experience with professional networking.

Van Regenmorter’s goal is to provide commercial music students with the skills and practical knowledge they will need for the music industry and to give them the opportunity to connect with the industry’s leading professionals. the music.

“I have launched the ‘Inside the Music Industry’ workshop / speaker series to introduce guests who represent the pinnacle of our field,” Van Regenmorter said in an email to Current.

On February 8, Van Regenmorter welcomed his first Zoom workshop guest, Matt Bourdeau, author, producer and host of the “Working Class Audio” podcast.

“It was a great event,” said Van Regenmorter. “The students were able to hear firsthand what it takes to produce a successful podcast, from getting guests, selecting topics, sponsorships and monetization, including editing, mixing and methods. Delivery. ”

Bordeaux says the workshop went very well.

“We’ve covered podcasting, talked about the technical and business side of things as well as editing for support,” Bourdeau said in an email.

According to Van Regenmorter, this workshop gave students the keys to success.

“Matt answered all questions posed by the students with complete honesty and completeness,” said Van Regenmorter. “The students got to hear firsthand what it takes to produce a successful podcast. “

Live sound engineer Stanley Soares next appeared for the workshop series on February 11. Soares toured with Megadeth and worked on a reunion show with Motorhead at the Apollo.

Van Regenemorter says Soares’s expertise and guidance would be particularly helpful to students in the Concert Sound Reinforcement class.

Daniel Pampuri, a Los Angeles-based producer and engineer who worked on “The Lion King” soundtrack in 2019, spoke on February 18, sharing insight into professional growth, life as a producer, and recording engineering techniques.

“This workshop gives students the chance to glean ideas from those working in various facets of the music industry,” said Van Regenmorter. “But it also helps kick-start their professional networking process, which is so incredibly important. ”


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